OAP services directed at organizational development

The goal of EAP services lies in the provision of assistance in the solution of employee issues related to health, marriage, family, finances, laws, emotions and stress or other personal problems that affect work performance. They also aim to mitigate issues that affect work organization productivity.

Double F’s organizational consultancy services involve close cooperation with the organizational leaders and their teams (including HR teams) for the following issues:

  • Employee turnover affecting the whole organization or departments/units
  • Low work morale
  • Low employee satisfaction
  • Unsatisfactory cooperation within departments or among cross-departmental teams
  • Issues hampering organizational reform

Organizational productivity and employee satisfaction are enhanced through the humanization of employee work processes as well as the systematic reforms of teams and organizations.

Organizational consultancy service methods of this Company (action research methodology)

  • First identification of service needs
  • Provision of management consultancy services
  • Definition of desired results
  • Signing of service agreement
  • Proposal of action improvement plans
  • Carrying out of organizational development and intervention activities
  • Tracking of service results

Benefits of the organizational consultancy services for corporate clients

  • Focus on research into the work scenario related issues – results can be directly applied to the solution of such issues
  • Stimulation of professional growth of internal members through their participation in project activities